The Most Fantastic Cruising On The World

azamRussian billionaire Roman Abramovich can no longer claim to be the owners or superyacht on the  world . Not after emergence Azzam , who is now a luxury cruise ship in the world’s largest and longest .

Super Luxury yacht Toys Will Be New Billionaire
Ships with a length of 590 feet , the 57 feet longer than the Eclipse , cruise ship owned by Abramovich . The cost of building the ship was fantastic to reach U.S. $ 605 million equivalent to Rp 6.1 trillion . Certainly was exorbitant operational costs .
This giant superyacht has an area exceeding the football field , bigger than the U.S. naval ship Arleigh Burke and wider than any popular cruise ships .
Last month , Azzam emerged from hiding from the shipyard in Bremen , Germany , escorted the team of shipbuilders . Construction of the yacht may seem hidden for the last three years .
In addition to building construction , large boat owner’s identity is still a mystery . But based on the news circulating , the cruise ship owner is a billionaire Middle Eastern origin .
Its price certainly applies to the cost of care . Based on the book Lady Linda Superyacht , written G. Bruce Knecht said , the cost of operation and maintenance of the yacht at least 10 % of the price . If the price of the boat Azzam reached U.S. $ 605 million, the maintenance cost is U.S. $ 60 million each year .
The project was undertaken Mubarak Saad Al Ahbabi . To work on the construction of the ships he gathered experts yacht .
Rekayasan building itself held Lrssen German shipbuilding company . The exterior design and interior by Nauta Yacht Christophe created Leoni .
Currently , very little is known about the details of the interior of the ship. But a spokesman Lrssen said , ” yacht is still in development , and I doubt that we will get permission to release it even when he ‘s ready . ”
Experts predict the luxury interior to match or even surpass Abramovich’s luxury yacht equipped with two helipads , two swimming pools , a cinema , a disco and a mini submarine that can dive to 150 feet to explore the ocean floor .
Azzam described sophisticated and luxurious interior design style imperial century . Although not the focus for sailing wear , interior decorators Azzam Frenchman Christophe Leoni said they believed the yacht was constructed in accordance ambition owners.
That said , this yacht has a speed that can break the record . With a top speed of over 30 knots ( about 34 mph ) , Azzam is regarded as the fastest superyacht at sea .
Azzam also if the view of the size of the ship lines become the largest cruise ship in the world . Because Eclipse that had become the largest cruise ship has a length of only 482 feet .
Eclipse formerly owned by the royal family of Saudi Arabia Prince Abdulaziz , for 22 years . The ship was built American businessman Larry Ellison , The Rising Sun at a cost of U.S. $ 200 million .

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